Fire Fall Down

Show me Your Heart
Show me Your Way
Show me your Glory

Project Beacon(aka Burn the school Down)

To shine for Jesus to draw the Lost and the Lukewarm/Dead christians back to Christ

The 2 days so Far since we initialed the prayer Group

It is amazing to see how many ppl turned up for the meeting, how they worshiped(thru song).

hopefully by Gods Grace He will pour out his spirit in a wave for Revivial

As we Seek You
Your Fire fall down

what is “Fire” anyway

Our God is a Consuming fire
Deu 4:24 … the LORD your God is a consuming fire….

Fire gives Light and warmth to the world,
John 8:12 … … Jesus … … said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

Many of us grow cold spiritually over time….
After the highs of Church Camps, Events,REW, Etc….

we slowly fall back to sin and grow colder Spiritually

as Alastair Su(Y6) compared it to a Sine Graph(aka SIN Graph)
Up and down….. in this cycle of Going back to God and falling again to Sin

we need the Fire of God, to fill our Lives to be able to break away from this consistant Sin cycle

Consuming Fire Fan into Flame
A passion for your name
Spirit of God Fall in this place
Lord have your WAY in US

John Tay shared today
2 Chron 7:14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

Let us Seek Him with all our heart in prayer. Let his Will be Done. And Let the Fire fill Our lives

Now for the random Dumb stuff

ToK lecture today

Discuss this question
Can Man find meaning in lif without God

see Tim Lims Blog for what he said

(imagine a Godless world)

anyway in ended up in this manner

a whole bunch of christians from the Prayer4revival group came forward first and shared that Man cannot find Meaning without God

then the Aethists Bu Shuang
come forward and counter argue

ended up into some showdown between the 2 sides

and there also were some “lukewarm/Dead”christians who came forward and shared their existantionist views(we create Meaning in Life views)

we even have “christians” who dont believe in God….. what an Oxymoron

anyway we have to rite a small riteup on it :(… probaly post in on this blog after i’m done with it

summary of my View
We need to first define meaningful.

we have a choice of whether we want to choose Gods Purpose which gives meaning in life, or try to create our own….(semi-existentionist)

However there is a catch

Choosing Gods Purpose will Always lead to a menaingful and Fulfilled life,especially since we have the hope that we get treasure in heaven after we die

Choose the other however may or may not lead to a fulfilled meaningful life(you cant deny that there are Aethist who in the eyes of the Secular world have “meaningful life”)

and even if it does lead to a “meaningful” life , what is the point…. we die.. and we get nothing , and the world will probaly forget us in the end… and even if they did remember us… the world will fade away one day

aiming for what is eternal has more meaning

I feel sad for the existantionist Christians…. they basically saying “oh i believe in you Jesus but i dont think i need your plan for me , i just do it myself and screw up again, and you would have died in vain”

Christ came to Give us Meaning in life and live a Life with a direction and purpose

He paid the price for Us… why dont we accept his gift , a costly Gift but we get it for Free.


2 Responses to “Fire Fall Down”

  1. hey thanks for writing out the meaning for the song “fire fall down” It was an awesome help when i lead this song for worship. god bless you!

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